Kathy Griffin’s Book: Read it!

I just finished reading Official Book Club Selection: A Memoir According to Kathy Griffin and LOVED IT!! I know she can be controversial to some people, but I love how she says what you know you are already thinking. She’s willing to put it out there, makes no apologies, and makes me laugh every time!

When you read this book, you will hear Kathy’s voice. It’s written like she talks which makes it all the more wonderful. She was so honest and forthcoming with very intimate details of her private life. Even as a fan of My Life on the D-List, there were so many things I didn’t know. I mean, I knew she was hard working, and under-appreciated; but some of the very personal parts of her life show me what strength and character this woman has.

And of course, so many laugh-out-loud moments! I had to read the entire section about Fanning Gate to my husband out loud, and he couldn’t stop laughing! (I should add that he is NOT a fan of Ms. Fanning, which only added to his enjoyment of Kathy’s antics.)

My book club is actually reading this book, and I cracked up at the “Reading Group Questions and Topics for Discussion”…the actual questions themselves. (This book is funny to the end!) It’s going to be one fun book club meeting! There are a few girls that didn’t think they were interested in reading this book, but boy will they be missing out! Read it!


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I am a woman with lots to say. My brain provides continuous commentary on everything going on around me. And because my thoughts are so varied, no single person in my life wants to hear all of them. But I need to get them out of my head in hopes to slow down the spinning, the constant words, the blah blah blah.
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