I have an MBR!

Yep, I have an MBR! I may be the only person in the world to have one. What’s an MBR, you ask? It’s not an Masters in Bull Riding (although I’m SURE you must be able to get one of those)…nor is it a Mercedes Benz Rental. No…my MBR is a Morning Brain Radio. That means that for as long as I can remember, I wake up with a song in my head. Every morning. Well, maybe except for that rare morning when I don’t and I’m honestly shocked by it. It is such a regular occurrence that when it doesn’t happen, I wonder what might be wrong. So what was this morning’s tune on the MBR?

Money for Nothing by Dire Straights.

Not the whole song, mind you. My MBR usually only plays 1-2 lines over and over. Like a skipping record.

(What? You don’t know what a record is? It was a large vinyl disk that you played by putting a needle on it and when it spun round and round you heard the music. Sometimes, the grooves in the record caused the needle to “skip”…or jump back to a previous groove, so it got stuck on the same words over and over. Archaic, I know.

Records were popular before cassettes. Wait…what? You don’t know what a cassette is either? Think of it as a small VCR tape that records and plays music. You could put your tape player right up to the radio to “record” music you were listening to and make mix tapes. Unless Casey Kasem was talking over the introduction to the songs. You don’t know what a VCR is either? And who’s Casey Kasem, you ask? Oh dear. I’m just old. These are the old-fashioned way some of us listened to music in the olden days. Enough said.)

But I digress. So the lyrics I woke up to this morning….over and over and over again…were “Money for nothin’ and your chicks for free. I want my MTV.”

I have to admit – I’m terrible with remember the names of the artists who work so hard to make a song popular. (I’m sadly bad with names in general.) But usually know the words to songs. (I think I would have done well on Don’t Forget the Lyrics.) But I also know that sometimes I get the lyrics wrong. So…I admit. I looked up the lyrics and the artist to make sure I didn’t misquote anything.

I’m always left wondering WHY songs are stuck in my head. Did I have a dream where the music was involved? Was I watching TV before drifting off to sleep and the song was somehow mentioned, putting it into my subconscious? I usually have absolutely no idea why a song gets it my head. I did play Bingo last night…did I want to win some money? Yes! Although since I paid to play, it would not have technically be money for NOTHING. And chicks for free? I do like hanging out with my girlfriends – and last night’s Bingo was a relatively low-cost way to spend the evening chatting and catching up. And I didn’t grow up with MTV (I know, blasphemous, right?) – I’m not SO OLD that my time was before MTV. My parents were just (rightfully so) selective with what I watched on TV.

So…no real reason why these three little lines are playing in my MBR this morning. But it’s there. And now I bet it’s stuck in your head too! 🙂


About Blah Blah Blog Girl

I am a woman with lots to say. My brain provides continuous commentary on everything going on around me. And because my thoughts are so varied, no single person in my life wants to hear all of them. But I need to get them out of my head in hopes to slow down the spinning, the constant words, the blah blah blah.
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One Response to I have an MBR!

  1. Julie says:

    lmao at your analysis of the lyrics. I probably used to wake up thinking about a song when I listened to music more, but that hasn’t happened any time recently that I can remember.

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