Today on MBR: You’ve Ruined Me

This morning I woke up with the song from one of my very artists, Norah Jones. I love, love, love Norah Jones! Funny thing is, for as much as I listen to her music, the MBR wasn’t tuned in to it fully, as it kept sounding like “You’re Wooin’ Me Now”. And I just couldn’t process any of the actual words. Sort of like the teacher on the Peanuts talking – lots of wah wah. Thankfully this was one time that I knew who the artist was and could look through her albums in my iTunes library to find it.

Yes, it’s You’ve Ruined Me from The Fall, which is her best album yet.

By the way, I recently saw her in concert and WOW! I’ve always loved her – her sultry voice, musical talent, totally unique sound. And she does NOT disappoint when you see her live. Her entire band is talented, but my absolute favorite part was when it was just Norah Jones playing her piano and singing. There was something so intimate and relaxing about it.

It could be that I have a total appreciation for the piano after years of lessons. I started taking lessons when I was 8 and really loved it! I think it’s party due to the mathematical nature of music. It was a way to blend my left and right brain into something amazing! I actually competed a little when I was 10 or 11, and didn’t do too poorly. And I did do one private recital – I think I was 12. SO MUCH PRESSURE! I remember forgetting the part to one song, and I just kept repeating the parts I knew a couple times and then ended. I don’t think anyone noticed, but I was mortified inside!

Anyway – back to the real talent…

Norah Jones was brilliant! I have to admit I haven’t gone to very many concerts in my life, but this was my all time favorite! I could have listened to her for many more hours!

Oh, and we discovered a new artist that was also amazing – Sarah Jaffe. She sang many songs from her premiere album, Suburban Nature, and we were immediate fans. As my husband put it, “It takes a lot of guts to get up on stage with just you and an acoustic guitar.” Rock solid performance, amazing vocals, great opening act!

Funny side note – we were at a venue where the floor seats were folding chairs. Although they were padded, they weren’t the most comfortable things for sitting for hours. I know I was a little squirmy, but I carry enough of my own padding that it wasn’t unbearable. We got a kick out of the woman in front of us, who was clearly enjoying girls night out – dressed up, cocktails in hand, girls by her side. She did NOT have enough of her own padding, and squirmed all night. You would have thought she was sitting on a porcupine.

Amazing what memories a song can bring back! All of this just because I woke up with a tune stuck in my head.


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I am a woman with lots to say. My brain provides continuous commentary on everything going on around me. And because my thoughts are so varied, no single person in my life wants to hear all of them. But I need to get them out of my head in hopes to slow down the spinning, the constant words, the blah blah blah.
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