This is my way to write about the non-stop thoughts, comments, and blah blah in my head. And I have a LOT of things spinning in my head. My brain provides constant commentary, ramblings, and opinions about everything. And because my interests are so varied, no single person in my life could truly appreciate everything. Welcome to the wonderful world of cyberspace!

Here, I have an opportunity to get it all out there. About books I’m reading; TV I’m watching (I watch a lot of TV…too much really); movies and shows I’m seeing; people I’m observing; games I’m playing; technology and gadgets I’m coveting; songs I’m listening to (and waking up singing – yes I wake up just about every morning with some song stuck in my head); food I’m eating…blah blah… You get the idea.

And in case multiple blog posts a day aren’t enough for you, I’ve got a Facebook page and Twitter account. Some of my more random one-offs will go there.